Ins and outs of Signal clone app development

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Ins and outs of Signal clone app development

Hello! Gaining success in any business is not a cakewalk. However, if you make use of the current circumstances and develop real-time solutions, success will knock on your door. Can’t get what am I talking about? Let us clear the air. You must be aware of the need for a WhatsApp alternative. Developing an instant messaging app that never compromises users’ data is the need of the hour. 

In this microblog, I am going to explain the Signal clone app. After WhatsApp made changes in privacy policies, apps like Signal started gaining fame. The number of downloads of the Signal app in December 2020 was more than 105 million. This clearly depicts that people never compromise on their data. Though apps like Signal are currently in the frame, people are still looking for new instant messaging apps that are highly reliable.

Features of the app that will give the best user experience

Invite a friend - You may wonder why I have listed this feature at the top. Attracting new users via current users is the key. Whenever any of your current users invite new users, provide them referral bonuses, which will motivate them to invite more new users.

Media sharing - The app will support different types of media like images, documents, contacts, etc. Like how WhatsApp has the location sharing feature, this app too has a similar feature.

Video and voice call - Video and voice calls are some of the important features of the app. The app provides a high-quality calling feature with end-to-end encryption.

Broadcast messages - Not to leave the broadcast messaging feature, users can compose a single message and send it to multiple users. 

Group chat - Group chat facilitates chatting with a bunch of people at the same time. Group admin can add 260+ participants to the group.

Cost of developing the instant messaging app like Signal

As an entrepreneur, your focus will be on the cost required to develop the app. While there is no accurate cost of developing the app, I can provide you with some insights. Basically, the cost depends on many factors including your app development company and its location. Other than these, features, platforms, etc. will also decide the cost. Hence, the cost will purely depend on these factors. 


I believe that this content on developing the Signal clone app will be highly informative. Connect with our Appdupe team, get your app developed, and launch it in minimum days.